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It’s not what you think!

Today I did a terrible thing.

After weeks of Chick-fil-A overexposure due to a media firestorm the likes of which real press coverage could only hope to match, I was hungry today.

I wanted it.

I wanted the deep fried chicken breast. The two pickles. The warm bun.

I wanted that sandwich.

But my convictions wouldn’t allow me to go to Chick-fil-A, so I went next door and had the most accepting Southern Style Chicken sandwich ever.


See? It wasn’t.

No really. It even says “We love you just the way you are,” on the box.

I’m still ashamed of what I ate today, but at least it’s shame that will only last until I burn off those calories.

Suck it Chick-fil-A.


I’m aware that it means nothing to further any GLBT cause, but I did scream angry words about Chick-fil-A last weekend at a pirate festival after I kissed a pirate in an effort to make two other pirates kiss.

The genders of those pirates are irrelevant to the story and if you disagree then you need to have a chicken sandwich from McDonald’s and chill out.


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