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Told ya.

I didn’t have to jump on the “Sidney Lowe has to go” bandwagon because I’m pretty sure I’ve been riding shotgun since 2008.

Whether he’ll be around next season is now a moo point, much like how no sportswriter’s opinion really counts in matters of hiring and firing, but I wouldn’t be a sports snob if I didn’t use this blog as a platform to say I told you so.

In 2009, I wrote this column following State’s Mets-style meltdown against Duke in Cameron Indoor Stadium. I’m particularly concerned about the way Lowe was splitting minutes in the backcourt. Fast-forward to this season, when he still left doubt as to whose team it was: Javy’s or Harrow’s. These are college kids, and if you’re constantly worried about being pulled and replaced after a mistake, it’s going to affect your focus on the court.

I still have no idea how Lowe never managed to develop a decent point guard in five years.

Then, in 2010, I went after Lowe in this piece. In my opinion, the writing was on the wall following that Georgia Tech loss when he refused to shake Paul Hewitt’s hand and ran into the locker room yelling at the officials. That on top of his bow tie this season (I realize that it was a gesture, but this post explains my sentiment) was just too much for me. Call me a fucking moron*, but when you’re losing, you don’t draw attention to yourself by complaining about calls after the buzzer sounds and wearing loud clothing.

*Special shoutout to Chris Hogue! Whoever you are, I would love to meet you to discuss this e-mail you sent to my personal e-mail address Feb. 11, 2010:


Read your article on Lowe. Just thought I’d let you know that you’re a
fucking moron.


Chris Hogue



2 thoughts on “Told ya.

  1. Wowsa! So that Chris Hogue guy…uhh…thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

    As for the rest of it, good job on calling the future! It’s like you’re psychic.

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