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Time to shift gears

I know she has to be sick of it, but I can’t explain how much of a blog-crush I have on Rikki’s “Go Go Internets Ranger.

And I have news for her: It’s going to get worse.

As I read through some of my more recent posts and reflected on where I’m heading in the next month, I was reminded of her post about making subtle changes to her writing style on her blog.

Barring the types of crazy things that always happen in my life when I’m on the cusp of something new and awesome, I will begin to number among those who are gainfully employed by April, meaning my blog must change a bit as well.

While I can promise that my ability to take seemingly uninteresting events from my life and craft them into 1,000-word essays will not wane, I will be privatizing some of the more vulgar posts (or those that deal directly with criminal activity) in a manner that makes them less likely to find their way into someone’s search engine.

I’m not stupid. I know there are cached versions of my blog and every other website out there where any 7-year-old with a smart phone could find, but that’s not a concern to me. I never hesitated to put who I was out there into the blogosphere and that won’t change now as I transition into a grown-ass man. (Yes, that’s another Rikki reference).

I’m just going to make the juicy posts harder to find.

So if you want to read any of my posts that have magically disappeared, just shoot me an e-mail, but until then, I will begin to draw the curtains.


One thought on “Time to shift gears

  1. Rikki says:

    You are way too kind!!
    I’ve gone back and deleted A LOT of posts in the last few months, even ones that were petty or mentioned exes or pictures from partying, etc. It kind of makes your paranoid in a way. Thanks for the compliments, I have been a bit uninspired as of late. We better get some links to your bylines!!!!

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