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The price of activism

So the recent Anonymous-led Internet blackout of websites on April 22 was a mixed bag.

Not as many websites joined the movement as last year’s resistance to PIPPA/CISPA, but, at the same time, the Legislation did get knocked back a bit, so it could be considered a pseudo-success.

I took my website offline for 24 hours in support of the blackout by setting all of my posts to “Private” for the entirety of the day. When the day was over, I switched them all back to public, leading a few posts that were assignments from the class that originally inspired this blog to be published as public, as well.

I was contacted by a few of my more loyal followers (those of you subscribed on the email list) that the posts popped up as new posts. For this, I apologize.

Next time I take my site offline, I’ll find a better way and make sure to not inconvenience my subscribers (I love you all!)

For more on CISPA, and why I felt it warranted my attention, see below, but to make up for the errant emails (someone said they received eight overnight only to find no new posts) I have made public some posts that were originally password protected.

Please accept this as my apology, and thanks for continuing to follow Me, Myself and Ty!

The newly public posts are:
Braves New World
Fear and Loathing at the Daffodil Festival
Crime and Punishment Part I
Crime and Punishment Part II
Crime and Punishment Part III


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