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Music Monday: Childish Gambino

My coolness barometer, aka Allison, forced me to listen to this album by insisting on driving places a few times (apparently she was sick of listening to my Goo Goo Dolls CD which was stuck in my car).

Eventually she wore me down to where there were songs I liked, and I asked her to burn me a copy. Listening through the album, I discovered the final track had an incredible final portion that was essentially raw spoken word poetry. It begins about three minutes in, as I remember.

The language he uses is so elementary, but so detailed. Anyone who has ever ridden a bus at night knows exactly what he’s talking about.

The words aren’t particularly enlightening, but what they invoke are images just as raw as the emotions that 13-year-old felt 15 years ago. I especially like the line about summer camp’s end meaning the end of summer, no matter what the calendar says.

This album is full of awesome songs, so you should definitely check out some other tracks, especially Bonfire.


muSic Saturday – The Lost Level

Draft created in August. Now available for your perusal!


Apologies to readers who followed my Music Monday posts with zeal when I was naming my holy trinity of dark-haired lyricists, but never completed the trio.

After naming Vanessa Carlton and Kate Nash as the first two inductees, a combination of occupationitis and proper timing prevented me from finishing the awards.

Proper timing happened last week.

Opening for the Goo Goo Dolls at a concert at the Raleigh Amphitheatre was some band named Parachute…but sandwiched between that band and the Goo was a starlet who I haven’t been able to listen to without thinking about Emerald Isle and Dairy Queen since 2004.

That was the summer I burned Michelle Branch’s CD for Stacy and we listened to it to and from the beach what seemed like every weekend…along with Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, but Blink 182 doesn’t qualify as a dark-haired lyricist.

Those songs transcend time for me…and apparently she just dropped a new album “Loud Music,” so when I walked into the amphitheatre and Michelle was singing from Hotel Paper it almost outshone Iris.

For the other members of the trio? See Kate Nash and Vanessa Carlton.


Music Monday – Kate Nash

Kate Nash is the most recent addition to the Ty Johnson holy trinity of dark-haired lyricists. The other two will be announced in following posts. (Hint: Sara Bareilles is an honorable mention, mostly because of her cover of one of my all-time favorite songs).

I discovered Kate back when Conan still had his show (Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Jan. 15, 2008 She performed this song) though it really doesn’t seem that long ago.

Call it an obsession with the piano, (Fur Elise is the most sensual song ever composed) but I just fell in love.

To date, her album, Made of Bricks, is the only album I’ve ever purchased on iTunes, meaning after my hard drive crashed about a month ago, I couldn’t reclaim the files because I couldn’t remember my password or whatever.

Anyway, I found different means of reclaiming my Nash collection and came across Habanera, which wasn’t on my album but was so effing awesome I’ve been listening to it over and over.

Now, following my epic weekend which should be discussed in a future post, I’ve rekindled my love for Kate and am considering buying her album…again.

For a self-professing pirate to purchase any music, let alone consider purchasing it again, should say something: give Kate Nash a listen!


I also highly recommend Rikki’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” cover from last week’s Music Monday post. I do a lot of driving on Mondays, so I’ve begun using my new-fangled phone to listen to her posts en route to class/work on Mondays and last week’s was definitely sing-a-long friendly…except for the demon part…that’s best to just listen to.

Anyway, here’s her most recent Music Monday post. I’ll let you know if it’s worth it or not after my class commute.

UPDATE: The audio quality of YouTube punk rock playing out of a phone through a cassette deck adapter to my car speakers was poor, but it’s definitely worth the 90 seconds it takes to listen to it. The Germs found a way to get an inordinate amount of notes and noises in that minute and a half.