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Spoiler Alert Part 1

This two-part series chronicles the roughly 12 hours I spent chasing actor Edward James Olmos around South Texas for this story.

It was early May when I found out about the fundraiser and began putting together an advance story.

An actor, Edward James Olmos, was going to headline an annual event that raises money for the local Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children chapter.

My editor was freaking out about coverage, saying Olmos was one of his favorite actors.

Based on his reaction, I assumed there were dozens of movies starring Olmos that I had missed somehow.

I remembered watching Stand and Deliver in high school, but if I was being honest with myself, I couldn’t keep the plot completely separate from Dead Poets Society, another film about an inspirational teacher.

I shrugged it off as another actor that was before my time, but he and a colleague began discussing his work on Battlestar Galactica.

Those words, in my head, evoked half memories of cheesy sets and poor video quality akin to Knight Rider, only in a science-fiction setting. I remembered my dad attempting to explain the details of the wars between humans and Cylons, and something about a red eye, but everything else in the sci-fi compartment of my brain was filled with AT-ATs, Kessel runs and Kashyyyk history factoids.

But it turns out there was a second series. One that began in 2003. And Olmos was the star.

I wrote the advance, but assumed my editor would be covering the event. After all, I didn’t know Olmos from Robin Williams, so what warranted me being there?

He was busy the night of the fundraiser, though, so I headed to the event where Olmos’ speech was the keynote.

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$Texas, Journalism, Me Myself and Ty


The Edward v. Jacob debate.

Kids, did I ever tell you the story about how I told Edward James Olmos about the references to him in How I Met Your Mother?

It was May 2013 and I had just finished up an interview with the Golden Globe winner, when I asked him if he knew about the repeated references to him in one episode of HIMYM.

He kind of brushed it off, noting that Battlestar Galactica had once more pushed him into pop culture media, and even Will Shortz had taken notice.

“I knew we had come full circle when I ended up in a New York Times crossword puzzle,” he said.

I persisted, though, and explained to him how, in that one episode,  two characters (Ted and Barney) were arguing about whether his name was Edward or Jacob.

“Whether it was Edward Jacob or Edward James?” he asked.

This, to me, proved he hadn’t seen the episode and that I was the first to tell him about it.

I corrected him, explaining that they were debating Edward vs. Jacob in a way  akin to a discussion about Twilight werewolves versus vampires.

And then he, Paul and I all laughed together.

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