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Spoiler-free Star Wars review

Because it’s really about whether you go see it before the holidays or not.

When I decided to go see The Last Jedi Thursday night, they were last-minute tickets I got for the 11 p.m. showing at the Regal River Ridge Stadium 14 in Lynchburg, Va.

My instinct was to wait until after the opening weekend crowd died down as I had with The Force Awakens, content that the Internet held its collective breath over spoilers after Episode 8 for weeks. TLDR: I’m glad I went ahead and saw it and you should, too.

Throughout the movie there are so many new plot lines erupting that it if you want to talk to your cousins about anything this Christmas, you need to make it to the theater quickly. Nothing can divide a family during the holidays like a Star Wars spoiler. Except Trump.

The same elements of Force Awakens are there in spirit, but a new generation of characters and Star Wars fans (like those born post-Phantom Menace) may have different views about what’s spoiler-worthy.

Now on to the more important question: Is the movie itself good enough to warrant going if spoilers aren’t a factor?  For me, seeing a more diverse supporting cast of Rebels & Imperial officers in the background on the big screen made it worth it, along with some shots that show off the technology of “A long time ago” in a way that wasn’t possible in 1977.

Additionally, I’ll add that fans of the following video games will find lots to like about The Last Jedi:




So go see it now and save yourself some trouble because SNL could ruin it all in one sketch tomorrow night; it’s 2017.


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