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I have a crazy concept of deja vu that I learned from someone. I can’t remember who.

Anyway, the concept is that the phenomenon (feeling like you have experienced the moment you just experienced before) is simply evidence that you are on the right path.
For example: You think you dreamed that conversation last night? You did. That’s the path fate has chosen for you, and you’re following it perfectly.

Silly, maybe, but it’s a pleasant way to deal with that unexplained feeling. (Even though Farrell told me this weekend that it’s simply an example of your mind’s perception of what’s happening outpacing your mind’s ability to process what’s really happening…boring).

So the idea is that fate has these subtle reminders that you’re making the right choices along the way and everything is going according to THE plan.

I had one of those moments this weekend, when I visited Farrell and Jessica Saturday night.

I had aimed to get to their place after dinner, since their Indian friend, Vasant, was over preparing authentic Indian cuisine and I didn’t want to impose, but I arrived just in time to watch them cook.

They made food that pushed the limits of my recently expanded spicyness capacity and invited me to partake.

I provided nothing for the meal except for some cinnamon whiskey I brought, so I decided to contribute chiefly in the form of conversation.

Those who know me best know that, writing and driving backwards are my best contributions to society anyway, so it’s not a big surprise, but I started talking politics and blah blah blah.

Anyway, at some point during dinner, Vasant said the following:

“You should be like a columnist or something.”

He had just met me and had no idea he was sitting beside a newspaper I brought for Farressica that had my byline on it twice, and while I’m nowhere close to being a columnist, his suggestion that I be involved with a newspaper was as poignant as deja vu in asserting that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, doing the job I was meant to do.

It’s nice to know you’re on the right path.


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