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Music Monday: Movie Monday

So when the greatest movie ever comes on, it takes me places.

Sometimes I’m on 16th Street in Denver, Colo where I first saw the movie with Stacy Ellis in the thralls of young love in between our adventures that ranged from the Pepsi Center to Coors Field to Elitch Gardens. That was the beginning of a relationship that lasted years and a friendship that (off and on) still ranks up there among the elite.

Other times I’m with all of my friends in the Brig. It’s Saturday night and it doesn’t matter if SNL was great or a shitty rerun, Anchorman is about to save the day.

Or we’re at the Ferry, my post-RA location where me performing a Super Mario Brothers speed run must have pre-empted me putting the DVD in. (My best time is in the eight-minute range)

Or we’re at Farrell Manor down in Oak Island and no one could decide on a movie so I made an executive decision.

Regardless of what memories the movie evokes, it’s always a foreshadowing of amazing times to come when I hear the opening lines from the narrator followed by this song:

The sound quality/volume is a little off, but I kind of like the idea that it’s on vinyl.


One thought on “Music Monday: Movie Monday

  1. Stacy says:

    Thanks for the shoutout. Years after we first saw this movie together, I dressed up as Veronica Corningstone for Halloween. In doing so, I realized that I truly despise her hairstyle, haha.

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