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DRIVEN: Home is where your car is

I’ve mentioned before that I have lived my entire life within the same, one-hour stretch of highway.

I lived in downtown Goldsboro for my first 3.5 years and then we moved out to Rosewood. When I graduated, I moved to Raleigh and have bounced around from dorm and apartment until I arrived where I am now on Brent Road.

When I first got to N.C. State, I felt like Raleigh was the perfect location: an hour’s drive was enough to be on my own, but if I needed money/food/medicine (Read: Mommy) it was always less than 60 minutes away.

But now, it’s an annoying distance. With my job in Garner splitting the distance and the new bypass that makes the trip a 45-minute dash (30 with my radar detector) it feels like Rosewood is right down the road.

Combine that with me having no reason to be in Raleigh anymore with no classes and my parents’ constant pressure for me to spend time with them and I’m going absolutely crazy.

I’ve been back and forth between Raleigh and Goldsboro constantly since classes ended Dec. 2 and the longest I’ve been either place has been a week. Most of my clothes are in Goldsboro, too because I did laundry there, so I’m even more fragmented.

I feel like my home has been Highway 70 for the past month.
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2 thoughts on “DRIVEN: Home is where your car is

  1. saltcitygirl says:

    Eek! It’s a good thing you love your car. However I hope you find a new place to settle soon. Sounds like you could use a change in scenery.

  2. Rikki King says:

    Well tell your parents you’re a grown-ass man!
    I hope you find some home-sense soon, mister. It sounds like you need a weekend trip somewhere … say, Seattle? I heard it’s nice this time of year. OK, not really, but you know.

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