Music Monday

In homage* to my friend Rikki’s blog, Go Go Internets Ranger, I present you today with the first of hopefully many Monday posts concerning music.

*Here, homage means taking someone’s amazing idea, kind of sourcing them for it and then tweaking it to your own taste.

Regardless, what it should amount to is that between her blog (which I will link to weekly in endless homage) and mine, maybe readers or people who stumble across my blog will be exposed to a couple of listen-worthy songs that have some sort of meaning to those who posted them.

And so, I present my first Music Monday post:

The first time I remember hearing this song was in Richard’s Suburban somewhere in the North Carolina mountains. We were riding to or from the Nantahala River where we rafted and committed legendary acts of debauchery and skinny-dipping.

I was in the passenger seat while Richard drove and Jessica and Farrell were in the back seat and the song just kept coming on. It was someone’s iPod or CD or something, but I know I heard that song at least four times, amplifying its repetitive chorus to the point where I couldn’t get it out of my head (or remember any other words to it).

Fast-forward to this summer in New Orleans. While Richard, Stacy and I waited for their karaoke debuts (Richard did Chicken-Fried, Stacy Tik-Tok) the song came on again, this time with its music video, and *GASP* lyrics!

So I did my best to memorize as many rhyming pop culture names as possible and had thought about it off and on until this morning on my way to Garner when it came on again.

Oh yeah! And I saw the Office episode last week when Ryan started the fire…so that makes it even more newsworthy. It’s amazing how much funnier that episode was after I knew what song Dwight was singing…


One thought on “Music Monday

  1. Rikki King says:

    this song always reminds me of my sixth-grade teacher. she was a HUGE niners fan and had a version of this song rewritten as

    “we are the forty niners
    something something tires
    we’ll run you over if you call us liars”


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